Whats going on with Google and web design?

Lets ask this question: do people search beyond the first page of Google, in fact do they search beyond the first couple of entries? The answer is no they don’t. For example as a Salt Lake City web design company we are not placed in the top 3 or 4 places on the first page but we are say 3 from the bottom. This is no good. We might as well be on page 6 which is what we are for the search term web design.

This poses a very interesting situation or at least question: what is the point of having any pages for a search term beyond page 1 of google. Lets be very real and honest here with ourselves that anything beyond page 1 of google is a total waste of time and for businesses relying on google for their sales leads are finding it very hard to get new business leads.

In the old days it was east you put a thumping great ad in the yellow pages say under the website design classification and wait for the phone to ring. Nowadays if you want to be on google and easily found you have to spend a fortune on SEO and then you might not even get placed where you want to be. This is a real issue and will present some serious problems for new business start ups in the future as well as existing businesses who for a long time have relied on the yellow pages or a more traditional media mix to generate sales leads.

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