Web Page Real Estate 101

“The value is in the land”

“Location! Location! Location!?”

“Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it.”

Those real estate quotes are well known and are even truer today than ever. But they also are applicable to your website.

We hear and read every day how our websites

compete with millions of others on the internet. We have to first work hard and work some more to profit our piece of “web real estate” in a occlusion to be found through search engine management and placement. We secure as many quality links as we can get. We meticulously research our ultimate classify word phrases and point in time pay for the superfine position. All of this just to get your website on the screen in front of a potential customer.

Important information should stand out

Once the customer is looking at your website, you have just seconds to capture enough of your audience’s attention to keep your visitor there long enough to read your information and then gain enough confidence in you and what you are offering to actually place an order or seek more information. Know what the odds of all that coming together are? Ever hear of the lottery?

So what does all this have to do with web page real estate?

When your landing page pops up on the viewer’s monitor, what do they understand? Without scrolling down the page, without clicking on any links, what is immediately visible? This initial space, considering a typicality browser occupies about one inch at the top sacking make or break your goal of getting them to view your website long enough to find out what your site is all about.

So you can now see how critical it is when designing your home page. Give it some serious thought when planning this page. Your subsequent pages are irrelevant if the viewer’s attention isn’t held long enough to invariability discover you have anything else to say.

The value of your home page real estate is very high.

Make sure that what they see in that initial screen view is your best pitch. Make it your knock out punch. Do not waste the space with boring, self-indulging rhetoric. Don’t fill it up with wrangle about you and your company and how long you have been in business, what your goals are etc. If you want to make that info available do it via a link or popup.

On one of my sites, I use an ‘about button’ that when hovered play with the mouse, a popup displays a brief paragraph about my site and what it will do for them. My ‘about? info is there to be read and it does not take my viewer away from my landing page.

Use headings in you articles

Maybe a good analogy would be a newspaper in a street rack. Publishers discovered a long time ago that what was visible through the paper rack on the top half of the folded newspaper was their billboard to sell papers. The headlines and articles that would show through the rack window had to attend powerfulness and compelling to grab your attention as you walked by and make you drop coins in the slot and buy a paper.

The portion of your page that is immediately visible when your page is viewed is very important. Its the most important part of your website. This space should not be used for hype, fancy graphics and flashy demos unless those presentations convey your message. Usually, your visitors are not there to be amused. They are there for information. Give them what they want right away or you risk losing them forever.

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