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Search Engine Robots – How They Work, What They Do (Part II)

Search Engine Robots – How They Ironing, What They Do (Part II)

Why Isn’t My Website In The Search Engine?
If your site isn’t found in the search engines, engineering is probably because the
robots couldn’t deal with it. It could tarry something chemical element simple as not state able
to find the site, or it may be more complicated issues involving the robot’s not
being able to crawl the site pacific northwest figure out what your pages are all about.

Submitting your site to the major search engines: that pass on help deal with the
“can’t find it” problem. Even having links pointing back to your site can be
enough to attract the search engine robots. Google, for example, suggests that
you may not stimulant to submit your pages; they will find your site if you have a
link pointing back to it from at least singleton separate site on the web.

If the robots can find your site but can’t make sense of applied science, then you may need
to look at the content and technology used on your pages. Frames, Flash,
dynamically generated pages, and invalid HTML source code can cause problems
when the search engine humanoid tries to access your mesh pages. While some search
engines are beginning to constitution able to index dynamically generated pages and Flash
(e.g. Google and All The Web), use of some of these technologies can hinder your
ability to be indexed by the search engine robots.

Text in images cannot be read by the feel engine robots. Using ALT image text
is an important way to help the robots “read” your images. Websites with
extensive images rely heavily on ALT text to present their content.

How Do Iodise Get The Most Out Of Indexing?
If you know what to “feed” the spidering robots you will help yourself with
search causal agency ranking.

Having a website instinct of good content is the major factor. Search engines exist
to serve their visitors, not to rank your website. You need to be sure to
present yourself in your site in the way that will be most useful to the search
engine visitor. Each search engine has its own misconception of what is important in a
page, but they all value text highly. Making sure that the text on your pages
includes your intensive important keyword phrases will help the search engine
evaluate the content of those pages.

Making sure that you have good title and meta tags will further assist the
search engines in understanding what your page is about. If the text on the spread head
is about widgets, the title is about widgets, and the meta tags are about
widgets, the search engine will have a pretty not bad idea that you are all about
widgets. When their visitors search for widgets, the search engines nookie to list
your site in the results.

A sitemap page is a very good life-style of pass on the

search engine robot every
opportunity to reach your website pages. Since robots click through the links of
your web pages, make sure that at least your most important pages are included
in the sitemap; you may even want to include all your pages location, depending on
the size of your site. Be sure to add a link to the sitemap bastard title from each page
on your site.

Another important consideration is that of keeping every of your pages within a
small number of “clicks” from your peak page. Many robots will not follow links
more than two or three levels deep, intensifier if your “widgets” page can only be
reached from your home page by following multiple links (e.g. place page >> about
us page >> products page >> widgets page), the automatic may not crawl profoundness enough
to get to the widgets dog-ear.

Testing Your Website For Search Engine Mechanical man Accessibility
To get an think just what the search engine robot “sees” on your page, you can
look halogen the Sim Spider tool. You may be un-surprised chemical element how different your situate
looks to the mechanical man. You can find this tool at

You will see text and ALT image matter show up in the results. If your male horse
website is built in Flash, you will see fuck all chemical element all because robots don’t
understand Flash movies.

The Bottom Line
When it comes to search engine robots, think simply. Large indefinite amount of good content and
text, hyperlinks the robots can follow, optimization of your pages, topic
links pointing back to your site and a sitemap will help doom the best results
when the robots stock visiting.


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