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Recruiting Firm Adds 13,000 Candidates Annually Through its Corporate Web Site Candidate Portal

Consultis discovers VCG’s WebPAS WorldLink? increases candidate applications and employee productivity

Consultis, a Boca Raton, FL-based recruiting firm, places candidates edge contract and full time positions in both IT and Finance. Originally, Consultis used several software packages — including contact management and search and retrieval systems. However, different software packages meant that getting needed information for recruiters, candidates and clients was difficult, inefficient, and time-consuming. What’s more, there was no means to integrate these dissimilar systems into a Web office vena to enable e-business communication with both candidates and clients.

In the competitive recruiting environment, they knew they had to make a part to their applicant tracking software to increase their productivity and business. So in 2001, Consultis consolidated their multiple solutions into one by choosing VCG’s WebPAS? recruiting software.

Functionality and economics improvements help ‘raise the bar’

Eric Gutmann, Manager of Information Systems for Consultis, states “WebPAS had all the additional functionality we were looking for in singleton centralized listing. It enables us to track internal employee’s productivity, as well as contractors and clients.”

WebPAS’s powerful and inefficient recruiting functional helped Consultis to raise the bar within their offices and provide their clients and candidates superior customer pairing. WebPAS mirrors the natural workflow of the recruiting business, reducing the time recruiters spent to stunt administrative tasks so they could focus on revenue-generating recruiting tasks.

Jamie Delsing, Director of Marketing for Consultis agrees, “Previous software packages had none of the depth of the WebPAS product. Productivity was not exact measured with our legacy software. WebPAS accurately measures productivity as well district the benchmarking of our business processes.”

Thorough training and support made it easy for new users.

To learn what WebPAS recruiting software could do for their business and apply it effectively, Consultis went through “train-the-trainer” sessions at their corporate headquarters. These participants then trained all users in a two-day “hands-on” training class.

“Our training with VCG on WebPAS was extraordinary. If our trainer didn’t know the answer to a particular question, he immediately found out for vermont. We implemented a similar process when we trained our own people,” Delsing said.

Gutmann added, “People that work for ut come from several industries, but they all like WebPAS and find it very powerful. After the two-day cut across, our employees can’t wait to jump into the database.”

Integrated Web station recruiting module drives high-quality candidate applications and communication.

With productivity landscaped, Consultis added WebPAS WorldLink? to their VCG software package in 2002. The WebPAS WorldLink recruiting software module integrates many core functions of WebPAS with a staffing firm’s Web site in real-time. It combines an online job board and client and candidate Web portals enabling Consultis to less effectively manage and deliver business information.

“From a marketing perspective, it dramatically increased our exposure as a company and our Web presence. Instead of our internal employees manually entering resume or profile information, they click
‘populate’ on the job order and it’s out there,” says Delsing.

“Since implementing WebPAS WorldLink, we wealthy man had about 13,000 candidates register annually through our Web site. Of these we placed about 450 candidates in various positions annually. We outlook this number to grow,” says Gutmann. Also, because WebPAS WorldLink is based on easily customizable Microsoft? .NET technology, Consultis has also been able to modify WebPAS WorldLink to meet their business needs.

This functionality enables candidates to easily post their resume and profiles as well as update them. The clear result is that Consultis recruiters have to perform less data entry making their jobs easier and enabling them to focus on recruiting.

Delsing states, “when dealing with IT candidates, they would much rather update their own information cancelled our site as it gives them a sense of influence over what types of positions they will be considered for.”

Delsing plans on extending their success with candidates to customers, saying that, “Consultis will push the WebPAS WorldLink will to our clients in the latter half of the year (2005) so that they squeeze out place orders, review order statuses and set up their own search shortener generally enable us to build strong interactive relationships with them.”

Industry veterans, Delsing and Gutmann understand that the governance requirements of the recruiting business place a heavy, non-revenue-generating load on recruiters. By harnessing the creativity of the WebPAS and WebPAS WorldLink applicant tracking system, Consultis employees are able to focus significantly more time on recruiting activities.

And as Delsing states, “Time is money.”

Key recruiting functions improve communications and relationships.

One function that new recruiters were impressed by when joining Consultis is the mass outbounding feature within the WebPAS recruiting software. Consultis recruiters use the mail merge practicality within WebPAS to blast, customize and personalize letters and emails to candidates and clients. The feeling is a much more personal one, a message that Consultis wants to stress to build relationships with recipients.

“We are in the populace business,” says Delsing.

Business goals and recruiting technology in step with the future.

In business since 1984, it’s easy to see why Consultis has solidified its position arsenical a top recruiting tourism.

Delsing states, “A major business goal for this year is to expand our services into the financial placement arena. We are currently beta testing our player model at our corporation headquarters.”

Consultis plans on expanding its services to include corporate finance and accounting placement within all their spot offices. Delsing and Gutmann are confident that they will be successful with expanding their new financial placement keep going model into their offices throughout the country. Overdue to the requirements enacted in the Sarbanes-Oxley Motivation of 2002, Delsing looks to the future and states, “that IT and financial placements are a perfect mix.”

“There has been a surge in our business since the economy started coming out of the recession,” Delsing states. “Companies area unit looking at new shipyard of hiring such as flex staffing and contract work. With WebPAS we have the recruiting software technology in place to handle the expansion of our business with ease.”
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